Hi, I’m Chris! Welcome to my virtual home. Feel free to stay a while.

What I Hear

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But I say a song is worth a thousand pictures, all created in one’s mind. Forget that music video stuff.

What I Read

I’m an avid reader, both written and audiobooks. You can find a list of all it hear. True fact: e-coloring books kinda suck.

Latest Posts

College and Kindergarten

As I sit here playing Wordfeud, my kids are asleep, a busy day tomorrow getting Ian settled into Grace College. Then I go back and help Phoebe start her first day of Kindergarten. Wow. Both will have stories to tell after their first day, first week. It’s a new...

A Walk to Remember

After being out of town for a few days I looked forward to seeing my kids. And what better way to say I missed them than by going to TCBY?! I was able to convince them to walk the 1.5m, something I do a few times a week because Starbucks is nearby. It was my hope they...