Hi, I’m Chris! Welcome to my virtual home. Feel free to stay a while.

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What I Hear

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But I say a song is worth a thousand pictures, all created in one’s mind. Forget that music video stuff.

What I Read

I’m an avid reader, both written and audiobooks. You can find a list of all it hear. True fact: e-coloring books kinda suck.

Latest Posts

Self Cleaning Oven

  For some reason I decided to clean one of my ovens the other morning. Being a newer appliance, gone are the days of scrubbing and cleaners. Instead, you push the Self Clean button and 4hrs later you vacuum out the ashes, easy peasy. Oh, if only life was that...

College and Kindergarten

As I sit here playing Wordfeud, my kids are asleep, a busy day tomorrow getting Ian settled into Grace College. Then I go back and help Phoebe start her first day of Kindergarten. Wow. Both will have stories to tell after their first day, first week. It’s a new...